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  1. Kenneth Cooke

    Saw the article on the “Alpha Leg” and “Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot” and was taken with your singular drive and ethos. As a graphic designer who has worked in branding for over 35 years (I designed the DELL logo, the Black & Decker logo, directed the US AirForce logo project and hundreds more) I worked up a logo for the Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot and the AlphaLeg that I would like to share with you (a donation for the cause), but I need your email address.


    1. admin Post author

      Hello Kenneth,

      Those are some kind and generous words. Thank you.

      Those are also some impressive credentials. I have a great interest in branding, messaging and communications and I would be delighted to see your take on my art work and explore it with you.

      Let’s continue this conversation via email for sure! Please send a message to info at anti-robot dot com and I’ll connect with you from there.

      Thanks again for you interest and generosity.

      Kind regards,



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